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If you want  to know what blogging client you should use to create and manage your WordPress site’s content, then this is for you. The much loved Windows Live Writer has recently been released as open source and WordPress has released a desktop blogging client based around a project called Calypso. Get familiar with WLW and Calypso and see they might offer you something better than using your WordPress dashboard to manage your site’s content.

This month’s speaker is David Pascoe and it is suitable for all levels of WordPress USERS.

General Meetup Info The USERS meetup covers all things related to using your WordPress site, such as Themes, Plugins and general content management. Topics are suitable for beginners, through to more experienced users.

Occasionally we have DEVELOPER meetups which will be clearly marked, and which generally cover code-related topics suited to developers.


3:00 Arrive, mingle, chit chat, pizza (thank you Envato)

3:30 News, house-keeping and quick updates

3:35 Talk/s followed by general on-topic discussion

4:20 Pack up and head for the pub