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If you’re keen to get into WordPress development but don’t know where to start, these talks are for you.

Setting Up A Local Development Environment
The first steps in development is ensuring you have the right environment on your local machine.

We’ll look at setting up a web server, database server, installing PHP and of course WordPress on your local machine.

Then, how to upload your local changes to the production (live) servers and an overview of additional tools to help you as a budding developer.

Speaker: Wil Brown

Introduction to WordPress Theme Frameworks – Where To Start?
OK so you have a local development environment all set up and ready to go.

You want to create a new theme for your WordPress site, but where do you start?  

Which theme/framework do you choose?  

Do you modify an existing single theme or set up a parent/child theme relationship?

We’ll have a look at some popular themes and theme frameworks covering the pros and cons for each.

The, we’ll take a quick peak at a real-world Genesis theme development setup which uses Gulp, Sass and Git.  

Oh – we’ll tell you what they are too.

Speaker: Wil Brown

Rough agenda:

6:00pm Pre Meetup Networking

6:30pm Welcome, News & Stuff

6:45pm First Presentation

7:15pm Beer & Pizza

7.30pm Second Presentation or open conversations and questions

Afterwards: Pub time to continue conversations at the Agincourt Hotel

Beer is provided courtesy of Fishburners.
Pizza is provided courtesy of Envato.