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Whether for your own website or as a developer for client websites, writing content is often akin to pulling teeth without anesthetic, using pliers and a hammer.

The traditional way is to sit down with blank paper and a pen or a screen and keyboard, possibly with a draft site map, coffee in hand to graft through a painful wooden writing process.

As a developer, this can drag out a 4 – 6 week build to 4 – 6 months and turn love and excitement into resentment and despair.

The problem with the writing content for most people (businesses) is that we automatically get into an ‘unnatural writers’ mode, and what comes out on paper (read screen) is nothing like how we speak and communicate in normal every day life.

Web pages should engage, be emotional, engender excitement and “”this’ is so interesting”” so visitors are compelled to take action and find out more – yep the ol’ call to action!

The best web pages should read exactly like we speak (without all the umms and aahhh’s) and develop a conversation where visitors to want to be part of the conversation … so naturally pick up the phone or fill in that web form.

The 3 step process we have developed and now use for our own projects and with clients, makes content generation a breeze (and enjoyable – just like having a conversation with a bestie over a couple of glasses, which is in fact, how we actually do it).

Forget Fiverr and outsourcing your content creation to English-as-a-second-language-keen-as-beans-I-can-do-anything-well-intentioned outsourcers. This process will have have your entire website content written and published on you WordPress site in less than 7 days guaranteed, and take you no more than 90 minutes personal effort, if having a glass of wine chatting with a mate is what you consider ‘effort’.

We have built business websites, that outstrip their competitors, are personable, rank well in search and convert to leads and sales with Adwords (i.e. they work and do what they should – generate leads and make money).

And, what would normally cost thousands with a copywriter (like 5K – 10K), this process costs less than $1,000 – for the entire website content.

This presentation will give you the step-by-step process and templates you can use to create compelling content that converts into leads and sales, with less effort than would take to drag yourself to a regular 6 monthly dental checkup.

Meet the speaker – Nik Cree

Visit Niks site:

Meeting Format:

6:00 – 6:30pm: Arrival and Networking
6:30pm: Welcome and Introduction / Overview of Meeting
6:35pm: What’s New In WordPress
7:00pm: Main Topic – Create website content in 7 days or less, without writing a word for under $1000 – Nik Cree
7:30pm: Q&A 
7:45pm: Conclusion and Raffle Draw 
8:00pm – 8:30pm: Finish and further Networking for those who would like to stay behind.Stay tuned for updates to this event.

Meetup cost is only $5.00. 

Grab your name badge and raffle ticket when you enter.

Finger food will be available, kindly provided by our sponsors Conetix and Plesk

Meals and drinks can be purchased from the bar downstairs.

If you know someone who would benefit from this meetup, please let them know by sharing this with them (or bring them along).

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Best Regards

Paul & Nik