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You are invited to attend our first (in a long while) evening session. We plan on running 2 presentations across the first hour or so leaving the remaining time for questions, discussion and trouble shooting.

Presented by Tim Oxley.
1. What is SEO? Key words.
2. Why is it important?
3. Why are some sites on page 1 and others not? How does it work?
4. Google ‘s famous algorithm.
5. Example(s) of local businesses rankings.
6. Some tips to improve your rankings. Happy to look at a member’s site and suggest improvements, so we could ask for volunteers.

A bit about Tim:
Tim has been playing with (and ocassionally frustated by) WordPress and YouTube for several years,
and has a particular interest in Search Engine Optimisation.
He assists companies with SEO and online marketing.
Away from his laptop, Tim manages the commercial display activities for the Wooden Boat Festival.

Presented by John Anderson
1. What exactly am I backing up? Isn’t it all in “The Cloud”?
2. What are my backup options?
3. If something bad happens how do I recover my site?
4. Is there such a thing as too many backups?
5. You get what you pay for

A bit about John.
John works full time for the Dept of Health and spends most of his days developing and/or improving Health reporting. His tools of trade in this space are SQL and QlikView BI Reporting.

He has been developing websites in his spare time for 6 years for a number of small and large customers. It seems he learns something new about WordPress most weeks.

What you should bring:
Enterprize provide tea and coffee (they are awesome people!). But feel free to leave a gold coin donation if you like.
Bring your laptop if you want to show someone your site or ask a question.

Do us a favour:
Spread the word and tell your business partners and friends about us. These first two topics are very important to most website admins and we hope for a good turn out.

The WordPress User Group on facebook is growing fast and is a great way to ask questions and meet like minded people.

And lastly, if you’re a developer we’d love to see you. These meetups are for everyone. You might learn something new but equally you might be able to help someone else.

We hope to see you at one of our meetups.