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Blogging is amazing for boosting your website’s SEO along with giving you loads of quality content to share with your audience.

Cindy from Hats Off Copywriting will be giving you her tips and tricks on getting your own blog underway for your business or maximising its effectiveness using a content strategy to get to Page 1.

Cindy is a copywriter/word-nerd/grammar-nazi and a major blogging fan – it’s the main reason she is on page 1 of Google for her top keywords!

If you want to learn how to make your blogs count, we would love to have you come along to this event – you’ll be blogging like a boss in no time!

Topics Covered:
– Learn about effective SEO topic research
– Learn how to use keywords and formatting in your blog
– Useful tips & tricks on how to maximise your SEO
– Q&A with panel featuring Cindy from Hats Off Copywriting

6:30pm – 7pm: Networking
7pm – 7:10pm: Introductions & Housekeeping
7:10pm – 7:40pm: Presentation (typically 20-30 mins)
7:40pm – 8:15pm: Q&A with panel
8:15pm – 8:30pm: Additional Mingling & Networking
8:30pm: Finish