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It’s been a long time since the Melbourne Women who WordPress (formerly WordChicks) gathered – and given I’m (Dee) on holiday next week I thought it would be great to gather up any other WordPress female identifying developers (and those who aspire to WordPress development) who’d like to have a casual meet and greet, hang out and chat over lunch.

So, that’s the plan, let’s get together, talk about what we’re learning, where we’re going with WordPress, and where we’d like to continue to grow into our WordPress development and PHP experience.

This is a really casual event, if you can only make it for part of the time, that’s totally fine, there’s no specific agenda, just show up when you can. If the weather’s any good we’ll be out in the garden. 

About Women Who WordPress


We are a chapter of the Melbourne WordPress User Group that is specifically created for, run by, and tutored by women.  

We do this not for any reasons of exclusivity but to provide an inviting place where women can gain confidence in their web production, development, blogging and site management skills, and in sharing those skills with the wider group. 

We do not restrict entry to the meetup by gender, but we simply ask that all those who attend, male and female alike respect our mandate that this group exists to inspire women to more confidence in contributing both to this group, and the wider WordPress project as a whole.