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The July 2019 meetup will focus on Hosting, with probably a minor focus on performance as well, as the two often go hand in hand!

The main and developer presentations are currently TBA.

If you’d like to present on this topic, please let us know!

As usual, the WordPress 101 session will be first, which aims to briefly introduce WordPress to people just starting their journey.

Finally there will be a developer talk focussing on Hosting, looking at running a VPS.



6:30pm – Doors Open

6:45pm – WordPress 101 – Introduction to WordPress

7:00pm – Short Break

7:10pm – Main Presentations – Hosting TBA
7:35pm – Short break

7:45pm – Secondary Presentation – Hosting TBA

8:15pm – Formalities end, head downstairs if people wish to stay and socialise.