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The WordPress Bloggers Meetup will be held on 29th November 2018 at 10.45am to 12.45pm at Brisbane Square library in the Theatrette on the ground floor. This a large comfortable room with cushioned bench seating. The Meetup is for WordPress Bloggers of any level of experience or an interest to become a WordPress blogger.

In this months talk, Gabriela Damaceno will share the tools and tricks she uses to produce SEO-friendly content. She will explain how to define the ideal keyword for your content, best-practice readability requirements and how to build relevance on your blog. Also, she will share the most useful certifications you can get to improve your SEO skills.

Gabriela Damaceno graduated in Journalism before spending more than three years producing online content for small businesses. She recently started the blog Vitamin Sea where she shares stories about women and the ocean.

Discussions at the Meetup lead into a variety of blog experiences from which we each learn and share our knowledge. Anybody at the WordPress Bloggers Meetup is welcome to get together afterwards for lunch at a nearby cafe.

The Brisbane Square library is across from the Casino. Public transport is available at King George Square; Myer Centre; Cultural Centre; Central and South Brisbane Train stations.