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Our final meetup of the year and what a year it’s been!

Note: In the event of rain, the meetup will still be happening, we’ll just need to make alternate arrangements!

With end-of-year celebrations well underway around us, and WordPress 4.7 having just been released the day prior, come join us for a casual get together and BBQ on the roof of Ephox (our great venue for the past year) to celebrate WordPress and network with your fellow attendees’, ask questions and get to know what’s out there.

We’re inviting people to give a short lightning talks (no slides, 3-5 minutes of talking, non-commercial please) about what they LOVE about WordPress, those cool new things in WordPress 4.7, or what they’re looking forward to seeing happen in 2017 (These are just suggestions; propose any short talk in your RSVP!).

Everyone is welcome to come, whether you’ve come to a previous meetup – even if you’ve never used WordPress (yet!).

Doors open at 6pm, we’ll have someone on the door until 6.30-or so, if no-one is there just call the phone number on the door and someone will let you up!


Doors will be locked but someone will be there to open it for you.

There is ample parking on the side streets surrounding the building and it’s 3 stops from the CBD (the first stop on Montague Rd)¬†on the BLUE City Glider towards the West End Ferry.

6.00 Doors Open

The WordPress Brisbane group is run by a group of volunteers and relies upon the donations our sponsors make to the group for it to happen.
If you’d be interested in helping us run the group in any form during 2016, sponsoring some of the costs of the meetup, or presenting on a topic you’re passionate about, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!.

The WordPress Brisbane meetup is scheduled for the 2nd thursday of the month, every month.
If you’d like to organise another WordPress-related event/meetup in Brisbane (and surrounds) for the group, get in touch so we can set it up!