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The Cyber Security Industry is anticipated to reach $170 billion by 2020. 

The growth is pretty much in lockstep with the increase in cyber crimes, which is responsible for the loss of around $450 billion a year.

This month Internet Security Specialist Myles Agnew will be presenting 2 presentations, catering to all levels of WordPress proficiency.

Myles is originally from the small town of Bathurst NSW. With over 19 years ICT experience, he has traveled across the USA, including LA, San Francisco, Seattle & New York.

Myles owns a portfolio of over 200 domains running WordPress since 2007 and helps local marketers & web developers manage security and automate their businesses online.

Presentation 1: SSL is not just for Search Engine Optimisation

In this presentation you will learn how to identify the different types of SSL certificates and when to best use them for your WordPress Sites.

Presentation 2:  Protecting your site from embedded content

Content Delivery Networks are awesome but without security your sites could be pwnd by a man in the middle attack or malicious “modification” to scripts that you have embedded.
In this presentation you will learn how to protect your sites that use bootstrap or any external resources by using hash strings to verify the source of the content.


7:00pm Arrive, chit chat & pizza

7:30pm News and quick updates

7:45pm Presentation

“SSL is not just for Search Engine Optimisation”


“Protecting your site from embedded content”

by Myles Agnew

8:15pm Presentation Q&A

8:30pm Wrap up and open questions