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To accommodate more people, we’ve changed venues!! We’re now located at Launchpad 3 in Richmond. Launchpad is Australia’s first local multi-site workspace.

We’re located at:
Launchpad 3 (Tram Stop Stage)
132 Cremorne St

Launchpad 3 is a short 7 minute walk from Richmond Station. You can view the route on Google maps:

You can view a larger version of the map at


The WordPress Melbourne meet up returns for another month. Our WordPress meetup covers everything from choosing Themes & Plugins and setting up your site, through to theme and plugin development and everything related to Core.

We currently run one meetup per month. We try to alternate between end-user/beginner talks one month and development/technical talks the following month. As it all depends on availability of presenters though, please make sure you keep an eye out on the topics for the particular month once we update the meetup page with all the details.

We’re always looking for new speakers, so contact the organisers in the sidebar if you have an idea for a talk. We usually start the night with a light meal before the talks.

You can find links to past presentation slides (when available), over on our WP Melbourne website –

RSVP’s for this meetup will open 7 days before the meetup starts


6:30 Arrive, mingle, chit chat, pizza scoffing

7:00 News, views and quick updates

7:10 Talks followed by general discussion

8:15 Pack up and head for the pub

8:30 Drink stuff


wp_insert_post(): How, what & why?

Ever needed to insert or update a post programmatically? Peter’s going to be talking about the WordPress core function, wp_insert_post(). What it is, how to use it and why you’d use it.

Peter Wilson is a CSS junkie, web developer, speaker, and WordPress guest committer. He works on high profile WordPress sites at Human Made.


You know your Sh*t— Now Prove It!
Aimee Gonzalez-Cameron and Dee Teal

You’ve been in the industry for a while now and you know your stuff… how do you go about communicating that to your clients, team, and audience? For many of us it’s in our presentations – maybe at at WordCamps or at meet ups, or in the context of presenting to clients.

We are excited to have Aimee Gonzalez-Cameron with us , founder of Aimee Gonzalez Consulting and a member of the teaching team for Harvard’s UX Engineering course. 

A (WP) web dev turned doctoral student of education, Aimee studies how people experience learning at work— namely how people share their subject matter expertise (‘the UX of learning’) and what happens when it’s online versus in person. Most recently she worked with the training and development team at Uber Engineering in SF. She also volunteers on the WP Training team.”

Aimee and Dee are going to workshop a presentation and as they do, encourage and resource the meet up audience with tools/strategies/tips to better communicate your own subject matter expertise into future presentations.

(Maybe you can try out what you learn at a future WP meet up? We’d love to help you with that… ping the organisers and let them know)