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The WordPress Melbourne meet up returns for another month. Our WordPress meetup covers everything from choosing Themes & Plugins and setting up your site, through to theme and plugin development and everything related to Core.

We currently run one meetup per month. We try to alternate between end-user/beginner talks one month and development/technical talks the following month. As it all depends on availability of presenters though, please make sure you keep an eye out on the topics for the particular month once we update the meetup page with all the details.

We’re always looking for new speakers, so contact the organisers in the sidebar if you have an idea for a talk. We usually start the night with a light meal before the talks.

You can find links to past presentation slides (when available), over on our WP Melbourne website –

RSVP’s for this meetup will open 7 days before the meetup starts


The WP Melbourne meetup is held at:

Launchpad 3 (Tram Stop Stage)
132 Cremorne St

Launchpad 3 is a short 7 minute walk from Richmond Station. You can view the route on Google maps:

Our meetups wouldn’t be possible without our amazing sponsors

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6:30 Arrive, mingle, chit chat, pizza scoffing

7:00 News, views and quick updates

7:10 Talk followed by general discussion

8:15 Pack up and head for the pub

8:30 Drink stuff


= How to create Auto-Scaling, High Availability WordPress sites on AWS =

Amazon provides a wide range of powerful and affordable services, yet developers are often stuck in the old paradigms and not taking advantage of the new opportunities that the AWS offers. In this presentation we’ll show you two ways that you can take advantage of key AWS services to build a Highly Available WordPress websites with the cost savings that come from autoscaling. The good news is that it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Rick (Pearson) and Greg (Campbell) are the owners of the Ripe Group (, a boutique hosting, development and IT services company based in Ashwood, established in 1997. Greg has worked in IT for quite a few years across accounting, manufacturing, non-profit and health industries. When he’s not working he enjoys cycling with his family. Rick has worked in IT for a few years longer, with a career spanning several decades and continents. He’s a mathematician and software developer with a keen interest in all things technical, wine and coffee.

= Using Elementor Templates with Advanced Custom Fields =

Advanced Custom Fields ( allows you to control content input through an intuitive UI for custom fields. Elementor ( is a powerful design tool for content layout. Using the two in conjunction can rapidly speed up your development time and reduce the amount of code you need to write.

Joel Eade will cover the supported fields and run through a demo of how you can use this solution for posts and custom post types.