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The WordPress Melbourne meet up returns for another month. Our WordPress meetup covers everything from choosing Themes & Plugins and setting up your site, through to theme and plugin development and everything related to Core.

We’re always looking for new speakers, so contact the organisers in the sidebar if you have an idea for a talk. We usually start the night with a light meal before the talks.


6:30 Arrive, mingle, chit chat, pizza scoffing

7:00 News, views and quick updates

7:10 Talk followed by general discussion

8:15 Pack up and head for the pub 

8:30 Drink stuff 


My Website is Old Enough to Vote – The Challenges of Maintaining a 20-year-old Website

The Web is an industry that thrives on the new… but what about building sites that last? In 1996, I used my newly acquired HTML skills to build a fan site for my favourite author.

Twenty years later, the site – – is still alive and kicking.

I’ll trace the development of the site over the years, which mirrors both my own career journey as a developer and the trajectory of the web as a whole.

I’ll also talk about the challenges I faced during my recent 6-month project to convert the whole site – nearly 1500 pages – to WordPress, dragging it into the 21st century at last.

Kris Howard has been building websites in one form or another for over twenty years. She’s been a developer, a business analyst, and a manager at technology startups in the UK and Australia, most recently at Canva in Sydney. She now heads up Developer Relations for YOW Conferences, meeting and working with developers around Australia. In her spare time she knits and sews, messes around with WordPress and Arduino, and helps organise local tech meetups. Her Instagram account is pretty much all selfies and food.

Utilising Personality Types in Email Marketing

Among all online marketing methods, email marketing still has a prominent position. It allows marketers to communicate with clients in a very personal space without too much distraction. Marketing automation software such as Marketo, sends emails according to the previous activities of subscribers. In this session, Abbas will explain how a simple, efficient and inexpensive method can be applied to improve the ROI of a campaign by using email marketing services such as CampaignMonitor, MailChimp, etc.

Abbas Heidari is a project manager at StocksDigital. StocksDigital is the world’s first true investor content marketing company, used by over 100 ASX listed companies of all sectors. He speaks regularly on topics related to Google Analytics and performance improvements.