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We meet and talk about all things WordPress.

This month, Geoff Powell, who is a professional photographer as well as a WordPress Consultant, will talk about using images for the web. What size they should be, how to resize, what formats they should be, how to compress them etc.. This is a large topic, but this will give a good overview of the subject.

If you are willing to do a lighting talk on “How I write blog posts” (only 5 min or so) please contact the organisers. We have time for at least 3 or 4…

6.00 Doors open
6.00 – 6.30 Arrival and Networking
6.30 – 6.50 Lightning Talks – How I write blog posts – 5 min talks
6.50 – 7.00 Food / drinks break
7.00 – 7.40 Presentation – Preparing Images for the web – Geoff Powell
7.45 – 8.30 Help Desk – experienced users help answer your questions

If this is your first WordPress Meetup, please don’t be shy. You’ll find a great community of WordPress users who are all happy to share their WordPress wisdom.

WordPress Meetups are community driven and focused. Anyone with an interest in WordPress is very welcome to attend. We have members who range from bloggers and business owners who use WordPress, through to designers and developers who have high levels of knowledge.