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The WordPress User meet up returns for another month. The User Meetup covers all things related to using your WordPress site, such as Themes, Plugins and general content management.

We’re always looking for new speakers, so contact the organisers in the sidebar if you have an idea for a talk. We usually start the night with a light meal before the talks.


6:30 Arrive, mingle, chit chat, pizza scoffing (thank you envato)

7:00 News, views and quick updates

7:10 Talks followed by general discussion

Simon Kelly – Building Marketing Automation Funnels with WordPress

Simon is passionate about using technology, strategic design and automation to create simple marketing systems that generate leads.

After freelance web designing since 2007, Simon founded Renegade Empire in 2009 to focus on building websites that get business results. When not working with his team to build sites, Simon rollerblades and pretends he can surf.

Simon will be talking about things falling through funnels. Hopefully those things will be potential customers.

Chris La Nauze – Two Step Authentication with WordPress

How safe is your site from a hack attempt? With the increase in WordPress’ popularity worldwide, the risks increase that your site might become a target of a botnet exploit, a malicious competitor, a hacker, a rogue customer or some other attacker.

What are you doing to stop the most basic and easiest ways to get into your site? The front door (so to speak) of a WordPress site, is by attacking the login page. What steps do you have in place to add extra layers of security to your site to reduce the risk, and thwart an attack on your online asset. There are many ways to harden your site, Chris is covering Two Step Authentication. It’s not the only way to protect your site, but it’s one of the ways, in fact there are some vulnerabilities with this method that you should be aware of.

Chris La Nauze, is no stranger to the Melbourne WordPress Meetup, he’s been contributing to the group for the last couple of years. Chris loves learning about security and hardening his own sites. Chris runs a Web Design business in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne Lanauze Designs.

8:15 Pack up and head for the pub 

8:30 Drink stuff