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The WordPress User meet up returns for another month. The user meetup covers all things related to using your WordPress site, such as Themes, Plugins and general content management.

We’re always looking for new speakers, so contact the organisers in the sidebar if you have an idea for a talk. We usually start the night with a light meal before the talks.


6:30 Arrive, mingle, chit chat, pizza scoffing (thank you envato)

7:00 News, views and quick updates

7:10 Talk followed by general discussion

8:15 Pack up and head for the pub 

8:30 Drink stuff 



The Biggest Question of All

As developers, time and time again we are asked to tweak and change themes, to add something, to take something away, to change a font, a colour, a layout.

As trainers we’re asked how do I do this for myself? And one of the wonderful things about WordPress is that it’s entirely possible to learn how to do exactly that. And we love to show people just how to do it.

As users we are also quite likely to find ourselves overwhelmed and frustrated. We only want to change ‘one small thing’ and it seems so difficult to do it. Or, we’ve a theme that has so many options and we can’t figure out how to get our site exactly the way we want it.

Honestly, running a website can be really frustrating.

So, before you tear your hair out, before you scour every corner of the Internet looking for answers, before you go crazy… there’s one simple question you should ask yourself…

Dee Teal is a WordPress developer working with large scale WordPress projects as a team leader and project manager. She’s heard frustrations about web development, and WordPress from single users to enterprise content producers and all the variations in between. She’s bringing some of that knowledge to the meetup this month to help us ask ourselves the real questions that need answers, before we go looking for solutions we don’t actually need.


The Why, When, How of WordPress Child Themes

This month Anthony’s talking WordPress Child Themes. We’re going to discuss why you should use them, the benefits of using them and how you go about creating them. If you’ve ever wanted to tweak your theme and add a few css styles, you should definitely learn how to create and use a Child Theme.

Anthony Hortin, from Maddison Designs, is a Designer & Developer who builds WordPress websites for a living. He’s one of the co-organisers for the monthly WordPress Melbourne meetups and a co-organiser of WordCamp Melbourne, back in 2013. As well as a contributor to the official WordPress theme and Plugin Directories, he’s also the author of the extremely popular Easy WP Guide WordPress manual.