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In this episode of WP Bosses, we are joined by James Rose.

James started a single-product SEO software company, Aktura, in 2010 with his business partner Mark. Three years later, they began networking with local businesses in search of a new challenge. They heard countless stories about website projects gone wrong. “It only made sense to try our hand at web design, not screw it up, and make people happy. It couldn’t be that hard…. right?”

Over the next few years, many websites were built, thousands of hours were spent networking and many nightmare-client-induced headaches were suffered.

With their passion rooted in software, they identified a few bottlenecks in the web design process. The worst of all, and the one that resonated with other designers the most, was chasing up clients for their web content.

Through this journey, Content Snare was born.


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